SLSM 1002 - Sintered Bronze Plain Bearing

Bronze-Sintered Metal - maintenance-free

sintered bronze plain bearing with graphite 

Material - Characteristics


Self-lubricating, maintenance-free, with fine distributed solid lubricant.


Within the sintered powder metal matrix the solid lubricant (99,9 percent highly clean, chemical neutral electrolyte graphite) is enclosed pre-loaded in micro distribution.


Therefore in order to ensure a maintenance-free, self-lubricating performance there is always sufficient lubrication all over the bearing area, including for small angular movement, vibration, etc.


The highly clean lubricant has the advantage that oxygen corrosion in water or humid atmosphere at the bearing shaft and the surrounding parts will not occur.




Application Data

temperature range

-150 up to +150 °C (with age annealing up to 350 °C)

max. PV value   1,5 MPa m/s
max. sliding velocity   0,5 m/s
max. surface pressure   stat. 140 MPa - dyn. 70 MPa


thermal expansion 18 x 10-6 °C-1
solid lubricant 7% Graphite


suitable for use in water and seawater


frictional coefficient: 




For Bearing Design

Recommended minimum wall thickness a: (d = Ø bearing hole)

a = √ (d ⋅ 0,5) up to 10 N/mm²
a = √ (d ⋅ 0,6) over 10 to 25 N/mm²
a = √ (d ⋅ 0,8) over 25 N/mm²


Recommended fitting

shaft h7
housing H7
bearing inner diameter C7 (decreases down to D8 after pressed-in)
bearing outer diameter r6


Thermal expansion has to be taken into account at temperatures above 80 °C.



Mating Material

surface roughness Ra = 0,2 μm up to 0,8 μm
minimum hardness > 155 HB