SLGL 5001 - Bronze Plain Bearings

Bronze with lubricating pins - maintenance-free

slgl 5001 - bronze plain bearings with lubricating pins - maintenance-free   plain bearing bushing 5001  
  flanged plain bearing bushing 5001  

Material - Characteristics


The solid lubricants are embedded in a macroscopic distribution, which guarantees a permanent selflubricating effect without any additional lubricants. Due to an overlapping alignment of the solid lubricants, a lubricating effect is achived at the complete sliding surface.


Highly wear resistant copper alloys are used as basis materials and will be choosen according the needs of the application fields. The combinations of these copper alloys and the solid lubricants are an ideal solution for your bearing constructions.


  • permanent, complete self-lubricating
  • corrosion resistance
  • extremely high dynamic and static loading capacity
  • operation range: dry, in fluids ( including sea-water )
  • constantly low frictional value
  • free from contact corrosion, notch distruction and welding ( corrosion )
  • application in high and low temperature ranges
  • good heat conductivity
  • vibration-reducing
  • unaffected by dirt and shock
  • no stick-slip






Application Data


frictional coefficient: 




For Bearing Design

Recommended dimensions:


Recommended fitting

c8 or d8 for high load
e7 for light load
f7 for high precision
housing H7
bearing inner diameter E7 (decreases down to H9 after pressed-in)
bearing outer diameter r6


Thermal expansion has to be taken into account at temperatures above 80 °C.



Mating Material

surface roughness Ra = 0,2 μm up to 0,8 μm
minimum hardness bearing material hardness + 100 HB
recommended hardness

> 220 HB for materials SL-3 to SL-5

> 300 HB for materials SL-1 and SL-2