SLSP 2 - Composite Plain Bearing

Steel-Sintered-Bronze-PTFE Composite Material - maintenance-free

slsp 2 - steel - sintered bronze - PTFE composite material plain bearing   sliding bearing - bushing sp2  
  sliding bearing - flanged bushing sp2  
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Material - Characteristics


Steel with porous sintered tin bronze layer, which is coated with PTFE as sliding layer.


The sliding layer made of PTFE enables maintenance-free, self-lubricating operation with low friction.




Application Data

temperature range

-200 up to +280 °C

max. PV value  
dry 3,6 MPa m/s
oil lubricated 10 MPa m/s
max. sliding velocity  
dry 2,5 m/s
oil lubricated 5 m/s
max. surface pressure stat. 250 MPa - dyn. 140 MPa


thermal expansion 11 x 10-6 °C-1
solid lubricant PTFE


frictional coefficient: 




For Bearing Design


Recommended fitting

shaft f7
housing H7
bearing according to DIN ISO 3547-1 (formerly DIN 1494)


Thermal expansion has to be taken into account at temperatures above 80 °C.



Mating Material

surface roughness Ra = 0,4 μm
minimum hardness > 200 HB