SLWB 1H - Bronze Plain Bearing

Wrapped Bronze With Lubrication Holes

SLWB 1H - wrapped bronze with lubrication holes - low-maintenance   sliding bearing - bushing wb1h  
  sliding bearing - flanged bushing wb1h  
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Material - Characteristics


Sliding elements made of solid tin bronze (CuSn8) with lubrication holes, which serves as a lubricant reservoir.


Larger amounts of the lubricant can be stored due to the hole depots, resulting in longer maintenance intervals.


These plain bearings are only suitable for grease lubrication.




Application Data

temperature range

-40 up to +150 °C

grease lubricated  
max. PV value 2,8 MPa m/s
max. sliding velocity 2,5 m/s
max. surface pressure stat. 120 MPa - dyn. 40 MPa


thermal expansion 18 x 10-6 °C-1


frictional coefficient: 




For Bearing Design


Recommended fitting

shaft f7
housing H7
bearing according to DIN ISO 3547-1 (formerly DIN 1494)


Thermal expansion has to be taken into account at temperatures above 80 °C.



Mating Material

surface roughness Ra = 0,4 μm
minimum hardness > 200 HB